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Grief is a natural part of life when someone we love dies. Finding your way after a death may be difficult. You don’t have to do it alone. UpliftedCare has helped many people through their grief journey. There is never a charge for our grief counseling services.

Here are some of the ways UpliftedCare can help:

  • The Bereavement Program

    UpliftedCare’s bereavement counselor is highly skilled and specially trained to assist those who have suffered a loss as they journey through the grief process. The bereavement programs are open to families of hospice patients as well as other grieving members of the community. A member of our bereavement team is available to speak with you about your loss. The bereavement team is also available to speak to business and community groups about grief and coping with loss, including workplace grief and issues involving child grief

  • Bereavement Support Groups

    These groups are open to anyone in the community who has experienced the death of a loved one within the last year. We offer separate groups for adults, children, and teenagers. We also offer a series of different specialized groups throughout the year. Check our calendar page for dates and times, or call (815) 939-4141 and ask to speak with a bereavement counselor.

  • Children’s bereavement counseling

    Our bereavement counselor specializes in working with children through this difficult and sometimes confusing time. Whether or not the child has had an experience with a loved one on hospice, we are here to help the entire community, regardless of their circumstance. Our counselor can provide individual counseling in the school setting, home, or at our Community Grief Center. Please call for more information.

  • Individual Counseling

    A member of our bereavement team is available to speak with you about your loss. Please call for more information.

The Community Grief Center

Those coping with grief and loss are welcome to find support at our new Community Grief Center in Bourbonnais, IL. Our bereavement team is available for one on one conversations to help you find peace and cope. Group sessions also look deeper into grief, what it is, who it affects, what we do to help process grief and how we progress to the next level.

Upcoming Grief Support Groups:

We offer grief support groups with multiple formats and topics. For more information about upcoming groups, please call our office at 815.939.4141 and ask to speak to Tyiesha Wade, Bereavement Intake Coordinator.

  • Women in Grief: Talk & Tea Through conversation while enjoying a cup of tea, our bereavement counselor will help facilitate discussion that will allow a space for women to share the specific issues/challenges they face when dealing with the death of a loved one. Our hope is to help the group understand their unique experiences and discuss how they grieve differently from men. You will also be able to share freely your specific experiences with loss, and help support other women through their unique grief/loss process. While this group is held virtually, we strive to make you feel as connected to your peers and our counselors as if we were physically together. Upon registration we will send you a “Talk & Tea Care Package” that includes different types of tea and materials for each session. This package will help incorporate your senses, be used as discussion during the group and help you enjoy a good cup of tea.
  • Finding Your New Normal: When a loved one dies, grieving individuals face the challenge of adapting to their absence. We can help.Grieving the loss of a loved one brings many challenges and changes. Adapting to so many changes may seem overwhelming. This seven-week support group is designed for those experiencing a recent loss to bring together and encourage them in their process of establishing a “new normal”. This seven-week support group must be registered for and cannot be joined after a six week session begins.
  • Navigating Grief: Grieving is an extremely individual process. There is no right or wrong way to grieve and everyone experiences grief emotions differently. Whatever the cause of your grief, there are healthy ways to cope with the pain that, in time, can ease your sadness and help you come to terms with your loss. This monthly informational seminar is held virtually for those seeking information and education about the grieving process. We will discuss what grief looks like, some of the feelings and emotions that can accompany grief and give tips on how to navigate this new journey. Participants will be able to ask questions, share stories and receive more information about the grief services provided at UpliftedCare.
  • Monthly Family Support Group: This monthly family support group will meet virtually via Zoom beginning in January. Each month, we will discuss a different topic, explore the feelings that children and families experience when they are grieving the loss of a loved one and offer coping techniques to help navigate the grief journey. Families are encouraged to attend as able. With new topics being discussed each month, each session will offer fresh information to help grieving families. Monthly attendance is suggested, but not required.
  • Men’s Coffee & Conversation: Men’s grief emotions are much like everyone else’s, however men process those emotions differently. Men’s perceptions, priorities, behaviors and societal pressures, expectations and more all affect their grief journey and often make it difficult. Chaplain Dan will lead this group of men who have all experienced a death of someone dear and together, they will traverse the grief path to help one another better understand their emotions and learn to better deal with those emotions while going about the business of daily life.
  • Progressing Through Grief: This virtual support group will allow you to connect with both the counselor and other peers who are experiencing grief. The program will discuss and follow the book, Progressing Through Grief by Stephanie Jose, LMHC, LCAT and Grief Day by Day by Jan Warner. You will be encouraged to explore your individual grief journey, address the different feelings you are experiencing, dispell some common misconceptions about grief, determine the support system around you and learn different ways to cope with your individual situation. Pre-registration for this group is requested so adequate materials may be sent to you to follow along with the information. This is an eight-week support group must be registered for and cannot be joined after an eight-week session begins.