Martin Luther King once said:  “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”  UpliftedCare volunteers have long been a vital part of the care we provide and have empowered our ability to improve the quality of life for others. What they ‘have done for others’ is much more than can be counted by the hours they served. They have truly enriched the lives of our patients and their families.

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously impacted many nonprofit organizations and their volunteers ability to volunteer. Yet, it also has had an impact on how we evaluate our lives and how we determine what matters. People now, perhaps more than ever, want to feel what they do is likely to make a difference and it is valued. Volunteering also may be self-transforming, helping people to overcome the feelings of inertia and helplessness many of us felt during the pandemic.

Volunteering for UpliftedCare offers an opportunity to become  a part of our caring community, where together we create something that truly changes lives. Together we can uplift others at a time when they need it most.

What Do UpifltedCare Volunteers Do?

UpliftedCare volunteers wear many different hats. Some are vital members of the healthcare team who help seriously ill patients and their families in their homes, hospitals, and long-term care. Others provide invaluable help in our offices, support staff behind the scenes or help at community events. Here are a few examples of volunteer roles:

Direct Care (Patient) Volunteers may help patients with tasks, including:

  • Running errands
  • Relieving family members or caregivers
  • Preparing meals
  • Providing companionship
  • Writing letters
  • Playing cards
  • Performing light household chores
  • Bringing their certified therapy dogs (special UpliftedCare program) to visit patients
  • Sitting with a patient in their final hours, ensuring no one dies alone
  • Tails of Joy Pet Companion Program

Indirect Care (Non-patient) Volunteers

  • Assist in areas including reception and clerical support, billing, and medical records
  • Assist with special events – hosting, greeting, and visitor booths
  • Assist at our Community Grief Center


What You Will Gain As An UpliftedCare Volunteer

Our volunteers make a tangible impact in the lives of others. But they also change their own lives. Our volunteers often share the rewards they have personally gained from volunteering including:

  • Personal Fulfillment. Many volunteers speak of the joy it brings to help others.
  • Self Discovery. As you grow in your volunteer work, you will expand your horizons.
  • Ongoing training. We hold classes at your convenience, and provide ongoing training for additional knowledge.
  • Ongoing support. As a valued member of the UpliftedCare team, we are here to discuss questions that arise from your volunteer experience. Volunteer support activities are planned throughout the year as well.
  • Resume Experience. The work you do as a volunteer is valuable experience that can help in a future job search.
  • New purpose. You can gain a sense of purpose while also gaining a sense of being part of a community and making new friends.
  • New challenges. Challenging ourselves to do something different can help build our confidence and self-value. 

Is UpliftedCare Volunteering  Right For You?

The qualifications for a UpliftedCare volunteer are simple. Volunteers must complete an application (includes background check and fingerprinting), a training program that examines the hospice philosophy, the psychosocial needs of patients with a life-limiting illness and their families, HIPAA, safety, infection control, and more. Continuing education is also offered several times a year.

Once training is complete, our volunteer coordinator matches the volunteer with a role in their desired areas, taking into consideration personality traits, location, the volunteer’s availability and other needs. Volunteers typically commit one to four hours per week to a family or to help in the hospice office. All volunteer efforts are supervised and evaluated by the volunteer coordinator.

How Do I Become An UpliftedCare Volunteer?

Each volunteer brings a unique combination of interests, experience and talents to the hospice program. We are fortunate to have volunteers on our team from every walk of life—from firefighters and students to attorneys and full-time homemakers.

Whatever your talents, UpliftedCare has a need you can fill. A screening interview, orientation and a training course are required for volunteers who work directly with patients and families.

UpliftedCare works to ensure the safety of our volunteers.

If you would like to join our excellent team of volunteers, please call 815-939-4141 to speak with our volunteer coordinator or fill out the form here.