Learn what may trigger COPD and what to watch for. If your family is coping with COPD then you are already aware that it can be terrifying and can make your loved one feel as if they cannot breathe. That sensation, that one cannot breathe, often brings on intense anxiety and panic attacks. That stress can even in itself become a trigger to worsening symptoms. Understanding COPD and learning what triggers COPD symptoms is invaluable when caring for a loved one coping with COPD. Learn what triggers COPD and common things to watch for:

Respiratory Infections: Flu, COVID, RSV and pneumonia can aggravate COPD symptoms by increasing inflammation and mucus. Diligently guard against any kind of respiratory infection.

Weather Changes: As winter approaches, temperatures drop and the colder air can aggravate COPD. Cold air can irritate the airways making it harder to breathe.

Taking Medications Improperly: Taking medications in incorrect dosages or schedules can worsen COPD symptoms.

Ineffective Use of Inhalers: Using an inhaler properly can be tricky, they require the strength and coordination to get that short burst of medication into the lungs. Your doctor may be able to prescribe the same medication to use in a nebulizer, talk to your doctor.

Other illnesses: If your loved one is also coping with another illness such as congestive heart failure or asthma it may complicate treating COPD.

Exercise: Not getting enough exercise may affect lung function and respiratory strength. Maintaining regular exercise at a level suggested by your doctor is important.

Smoking: Smoking causes COPD and will aggravate symptoms. COPD is a progressive disease; smoking will quicken its progression.

Air Pollution: Smog, dust, and exhaust will aggravate symptoms when outdoors.

Indoor Airborne Irritants: Cleaning chemicals, dust, and fumes from cooking or heating may aggravate symptoms indoors.

Allergens: Many things that give people allergy symptoms will also aggravate COPD symptoms. Things like mold, pet dander, or pollen may trigger COPD symptoms.

UpliftedCare’s talented and dedicated caregivers are uniquely trained in the management and treatment of COPD. We create comprehensive management plans tailored to your individual needs. By controlling symptoms and reducing anxiety, we improve quality of life for those coping with COPD. If you are a caring for a loved one and are feeling overwhelmed or simply have questions about COPD, learn how we can help. Getting help is often the first step to improving peace of mind and quality of life. We hope we have helped you learn what triggers COPD and common things to watch for.