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Create Your Legacy

Legacy giving is about making a difference through a planned charitable gift. Our Legacy supporters are diverse and come from all walks of life. Yet, they have one common interest – to ensure that quality, compassionate hospice care will be available for future generations.
When you make a Legacy Gift to UpliftedCare, you may recognize significant charitable tax deductions and other benefits. More importantly, you will know you are helping to bring dignity and comfort to individuals and families when compassionate care is needed most.

Easy Ways to Leave Your Legacy

There are many ways to make a Legacy Gift. Here are a few simple and inexpensive options that can make a significant difference.

  • Retirement Accounts: UpliftedCare can be designated as a primary or secondary beneficiary of all or part of your retirement account (IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) account). The forms are easy to change and the gifts are completely exempt from inheritance or income taxes, and they avoid probate.
  • Life Insurance Policies & Annuities: A simple change in beneficiary can direct your life insurance policy or other annuities to UpliftedCare. These gifts are also exempt from inheritance tax, income tax or probate.
  • “In Trust” Accounts: Any bank account or stock account in your name can be set up “In trust for UpliftedCare.” You retain exclusive control of the account during your lifetime. Upon your death, the account passes to Hospice without probate or tax.
  • Bequests: Through a Bequest, you can make a provision for UpliftedCare in your Will or Living Trust for a specific dollar amount, specific asset or a percentage of your estate.
  • Gifts that generate income for life: You may choose to create a charitable gift annuity and receive fixed payments for life in return for your contribution.


The material presented on this website is not offered as legal or tax advice. Examples of tax benefits and results of various examples shown are based on the stated IRS Discount Rate and on other assumptions which may not apply to your own situation at the time of your gift.
You are urged to seek the advice of your tax advisor, attorney and/or financial planner to make certain a contemplated gift fits well into your overall circumstances and planning.
All material is presented solely as educational information and is not a solicitation or offer.

Information for Attorneys and Other Professionals

UpliftedCare provides support for a full range of charitable gift planning options and services. UpliftedCare, its employees or representatives, do not offer legal or financial advice. We strongly urge prospective donors to consult with their attorney, financial advisor, estate planning professional, accountant or other appropriate professionals before making any material decisions based on information we provide through this website, printed materials or other sources.
We welcome the opportunity to work with you in helping your clients identify tax-wise and beneficial ways to support UpliftedCare’s charitable not-for-profit mission. Please feel free to contact us directly for information or assistance on a confidential basis.

Legal Name
All charitable gifts should be given to Hospice of Kankakee Valley, d.b.a, UpliftedCare (a 401c3 organization) located at 482 Main St. N.W., Bourbonnais, IL 60914

TAX I.D. Number
UpliftedCare’s TAX ID number is 36-3320227

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