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UpliftedCare was originally organized as a volunteer hospice, and we continue to recognize and appreciate the important role our volunteers have on the hospice team.

Each volunteer brings a unique combination of interests, experience and talents to the hospice program. We are fortunate to have volunteers on our team from every walk of life—from firefighters and students to attorneys and full-time homemakers.

Whatever your talents, UpliftedCare has a need you can fill. A screening interview and orientation at UpliftedCare and a training course along with annual recertification and TB testing are required for volunteers who work directly with patients and families.

If you would like to join our excellent team of volunteers, please call 815-939-4141 to speak with our volunteer coordinator and fill out the form below.

Ways You Can Volunteer:

Patient/Family Contact Volunteers:
  • Stay with the patient while the caregiver rests, or runs errands
  • Help prepare meals or do light housework
  • Assist in grocery shopping
  • Provide companionship to the patient by reading, writing a letter for them, or simply just being there
Administrative Support Volunteers:
  • Assist with office or clerical tasks
  • Speak to community groups
  • Run errands
  • Work at information booths at events and fairs
  • Assist with fundraisers
Bereavement Volunteers:
  • Help with support groups and bereavement mailings
  • 11th Hour Volunteers stay with the patient or family when the patient is actively dying
  • Provide valuable support and companionship so, as much as possible, patients do not have to spend their final hours alone.
Fundraising/Special Event Volunteers:
  • Can help with planning and/or implementing any events throughout the year
  • Volunteers could be responsible for registration
  • Set-up and take down of the event
  • Assisting participants along with other tasks

Becoming a hospice volunteer has many rewards: you can gain valuable personal and professional experience, contribute to your community and society, meet new friends, increase feelings of self-worth, learn new skills and work as a team member with other professionals.

Our Volunteer Coordinator will be happy to answer any questions you have about volunteering for UpliftedCare. Call (815) 939-4141, email volunteers@UpliftedCare.org or fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Volunteer Form

UpliftedCare Volunteers are a remarkable and dedicated group of individuals and an important part of our team. They are drawn to hospice for different reasons, yet they share a common desire – to be of service and help others at this precious time of life. Our volunteers visit patients, support loved ones during their grief, and assist in our office.