The fear of COVID 19 may have resulted in your older parent canceling medical appointments. Ensuring those with chronic or serious illness are getting the care they need can help keep you or your loved one out of the hospital. Missed appointments may make your loved one more vulnerable and more at-risk for complications. Missing appointments can allow symptoms to get worse and even lead to poor management of chronic disease, and that can decrease quality of life.

Getting the right care is also important in controlling symptoms, pain and ensuring and sustaining quality of life. UpliftedCare can help your loved one remain at home, when home may be the safest place to be.

We can help your loved one get the care they need. Safely at home for serious illnesses like: COPD, heart disease, cancer, dementia, ALS, kidney and liver disease.

With our Check-in Health Calls and personal health visits, we can ensure mom gets the care she needs to control symptoms and improve wellness without leaving the safest place she can be and the place she is most comfortable, her home. We check in with your loved one frequently by phone to get a clear, picture of how they are doing. This extra step works alongside in-person visits with an UpliftedCare nurse. And you can rest assured, we take stringent safety measures to ensure her wellbeing and assure she feels safe getting the care she needs.

If your loved one is missing doctor appointments or is living with a serious illness and you need a clear picture on how they are doing, UpliftedCare can help. An UpliftedCare team member may be able visit you or your loved one in their home to determine how they are doing and what additional care may be beneficial. It’s important your loved one continue to get the care they need so they don’t end up at overburdened urgent care centers and emergency rooms (places that typically have a higher risk of exposure). In fact, our care helps keep those with serious illness out of the emergency room and hospital. Let us help you ensure your loved one is getting the care they need to keep them safe and improve their quality of life.

Our care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance providers.

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