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Tails of Joy therapy dog being held by handler


Our pet companion program, Tails of Joy, is an effective tool to provide psychological, emotional, and physiological support to hospice patients and their families. UpliftedCare recognizes the benefits of integrating traditional medicine with complementary medicine as a supportive service. We have several teams of specially trained dogs and their handlers available for visits.


Music Therapy is the clinical, research and evidence based use of music to achieve non-musical goals. We offer this therapy provided by a board-certified music therapist who works one on one with individuals on hospice and also their families. Many treatment modes are utilized including singing, creating, life review and patient preferred music.

Music Therapy, woman playing guitar
woman massage therapist giving chair massage


Massage is an effective therapeutic tool for pain relief, symptom management, and improved peacefulness. UpliftedCare is continually exploring options to improve the quality of life for the patient and the family. The primary nurse case manager will discuss this option with the patient and/or family, if appropriate for your condition.


“When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.” *

Respiratory Therapy is an important component to hospice that brings ease to patients and families. It is provided by a licensed respiratory therapist and includes: education in use of oxygen, nebulized pulmonary medications, care and use of equipment, as well as assistance in self-management of common symptoms faced by people with lung disease.

*American Lung Association