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New Name. New Look. Same Exceptional Care


For over 40 years, Hospice of Kankakee Valley, now UPLIFTEDCARE, has delivered heartfelt care and comfort to individuals who struggle with serious illness. A lot has changed over our decades of caring, and we’ll change more tomorrow. We’ve grown in reach to serve more individuals beyond Kankakee Valley and we’ve grown in ability and in breadth of care.

Our new name, UPLIFTEDCARE, strengthens our ability to communicate more clearly about our tremendous impact on the hundreds of lives we touch annually.

About Our Logo

Our new logo represents the sense of relief one feels when they are uplifted with love, care, support and compassion from bearing the weight of serious illness alone. It is both an individual, weightless with uplifted arms as well as a U representing our name. The U and individual, once united, form a Tulip, the first flower to bloom in spring, more deeply symbolizing renewed hope and encouragement.

We may have a new look and a new name, but we’ll always be the same at heart.