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As a patient, keeping on top of everything you are supposed to do and tracking what is happening in your life can be really hard. TapCloud is an innovative app that helps you watch for and track symptoms so we can provide you the best possible support tailored to your needs. Using TapCloud gives you a way to communicate with your care team in real-time and it takes just a minute a day.

TapCloud is secure and helps you stay in touch with your care team between appointments and communicate updates or specific needs you may have. It provides a single, comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for patients and care teams.

Note: your care team will provide you with your unique log in and PIN

How Does it Work?

TapCloud is customized for you, based upon your medical condition and current medications. It helps you communicate any updates or specific needs you may have on your health. Simply check-in with your symptoms, receive daily reminders, and add notes to let us know anything else you think may be important.

Please note: TapCloud is an additional service we are providing to you and your family… it is not a replacement for visits from your care team or phone calls. The app provides important information that helps us manage pain and symptoms so you can create more moments.

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