It’s not easy to know where to turn or how to move forward when a loved one’s prognosis turns from one focused on a cure to one focused on living more fully. The expert care and extra layer of support hospice brings greatly improves the quality of life for those living with an advanced, life limiting illness. Our blog examines 10 ways hospice helps.

  1. Hospice Provides Highly Skilled Care
    Hospice is highly skilled care that provides comfort through pain management, symptom relief, expert care and exceptional nursing. Hospice care providers are advanced illness specialists in diseases including cancer, lung disease, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, HIV/Aids and liver and kidney disease. Through their skill, knowledge and expertise the team at UpliftedCare improves quality of life and eases the stress and burden of serious illness. Highly skilled care is the first of 10 ways hospice helps.
  1. Hospice Redefines Hope
    Though hospice is a model of care focused on those with a life-limiting illness, it is not about giving up. Hospice is about redefining hope; hope for improved quality of life, hope for living more fully in the time that remains, hope for comfort, dignity and peace.
  2. Hospice Supports the Family Caregiver
    Hospice care is not just for the patient. Hospice is unique in its understanding that each person connected to a loved one with a life-limiting illness is affected by the disease. UpliftedCare provides support, education and resources dedicated to empowering family caregivers in their role while also supporting the entire family.
  3. Hospice Returns Relationships
    The extra layer of support the Uplifted team provides, like our CNAs who help with routines of daily living, helps ease family caregiving duties and provides peace of mind. Many families have said that they were able to return to their family role of being a wife, husband, son or daughter again instead of just feeling like a caregiver. Families are able to regain precious moments together and feel uplifted from the burden of only focusing on the illness and caregiving.
  4. Hospice Prepares and Supports
    Our care also supports family caregivers. Hospice helps family members understand, prepare for, and support each other through a final illness. You’ll know what to expect and how to prepare for changing needs, and you’ll have an understanding team of caregivers right by your side. You no longer have to face the stresses and worries of caring for a serious ill loved one alone.
  1. Hospice Improves Quality of Life
    Our care is focused on regaining comfort and improving quality of life. Through expert pain and symptom management we help those with serious illness live as fully as possible. Studies have shown that patients with hospice care actually live longer than those with similar illnesses who do not receive hospice. When referred earlier to hospice, patients gain better management of symptoms which can lead to stabilization of their condition and living longer.
  2. Hospice Brings Real Support
    UpliftedCare brings real support to those living with serious illness. The skill and commitment of our team provides a real support system – whether it’s help from our nurses to ease symptoms, help from our CNAs and volunteers to share caregiving, or help from our chaplains and social workers so fear and anxiety can be replaced with strength, confidence and peace.
  3. Hospice is Where You Are
    Hospice provides care wherever you consider home. Though hospice care is often provided in a home setting – your own home, a family member’s home, or an assisted living, care is also available in a nursing home.
  4. Hospice Keeps Patients Out of the Hospital
    Hospice care is expert care. Hospice provides optimal symptom management and expert care that alleviates the pain and challenges of living with a serious illness. This patient-focused care works to end the vicious cycle of unmet needs that often leads to emergency room visits and rehospitalization.
  5. Hospice Cares for Mind, Body and Spirit
    Our care provides much more than expert medical care, UpliftedCare provides care for the mind, body and spirit so you can live better with serious illness.

When the focus turns to living each day better in spite of illness, it’s time to call in the experts. UpliftedCare provides support for both the patient and family. You no longer have to face the journey of illness alone. We hope you learned more about hospice from our 10 ways hospice helps blog. A knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions. Contact us here to learn more about how we can help you.