Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be challenging. A common misconception about dementia is that it is one specific disease. Dementia is more accurately defined as a group of symptoms that affect brain functions such as reasoning, memory and the ability to socialize successfully or even perform daily functions. Alzheimer’s is probably the most common form of what’s called progressive dementia.

A loved one living with Alzheimer’s and dementia can have a huge impact on their family. Not only is there the pain of seeing your loved one slowly lose the person they were, but the stress and unknowns that accompany dementia can feel overwhelming. Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or advanced dementia is disheartening, stressful, frightening and frustrating.

While memory loss generally occurs in patients suffering from dementia, this alone does not indicate a person has dementia. Most commonly, in addition to memory loss, a person might experience impaired judgment, the ability to speak clearly, become disoriented and unable to perform daily functions such as keeping appointments or personal hygiene. Since individuals with advanced dementia cannot report their symptoms, these symptoms often are untreated, leaving them vulnerable to pain, difficulty breathing and other concerning symptoms.  Symptoms like confusion, wandering, or emotional outbursts can be difficult to navigate without support. Yet families often struggle alone in their attempts to care for their loved ones with advanced dementia not realizing that support is available that can ease symptoms and improve quality of life. UpliftedCare can help manage dementia-related symptoms including confusion, sundowners and anxiety, allowing your loved one to live more peacefully and comfortably while giving you the support and resources you need.

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be a very challenging journey. Often you will see the quality of your loved one’s life begin to diminish, this can take a serious toll on you, as their caregiver, as well. You are likely to feel overwhelmed at times, but the more information and support you gain, the more confidence you will have.

UpliftedCare empowers you in your caregiving role by providing education about what to expect as the disease progresses and by arming you with resources to cope with the stress and issues related to this devastating illness. With UpliftedCare’s holistic, multidisciplinary tradition of care, we bring a dramatic difference to the lives of dementia patients and their families. Our strong emphasis on safety, comfort, and support for your loved one and you as their caregiver, will enable you to begin to regain hope for your loved one’s quality of life and your own peace of mind.

Physical examinations, education and  support are all  provided in the patient’s home, wherever home may be. Counseling is provided by our team of nurses, social workers, counselors, and chaplains.  Our certified nursing assistants provide help with personal care while our nurses are available for visits 24 hours a day in the case of a medical crisis.

The quality of life for dementia patients and their families can improve as the UpliftedCare team, working with your loved one’s physician, develops a care plan to meet your loved one’s specific needs and share the care.


It’s important to understand the symptoms of the disease, its progress, and when it may make sense to gain an extra layer of support from UpliftedCare. Alzheimer’s and dementia are progressive diseases and as the disease advances, patients and caregivers may want assistance with managing the increasing needs of the patient.

People living with advanced dementia may be eligible for UpliftedCare if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Speaks few intelligible words
  • In need of a pureed diet
  • Continuing weight loss
  • Needs help to sit up, eat, dress, and groom themselves
  • Unable to walk without assistance or bed-bound
  • Shows signs of severe anxiety


Our care including Dementia care is available wherever your loved one calls home. That includes their private home as well as assisted livings, retirement communities and nursing homes. UpliftedCare provides an extra layer of support and a high degree of expert care. Our expertise on symptom management and end stage serious illness ensures a level of specialty care for your loved one focused on improving comfort, reducing stress and improving their quality of life.

Call us at 815.939.4141 today to find your way back to a life more fully lived. We can help determine what services are best for you and your loved one and answer any questions about how to begin receiving uplifting support for your loved one with dementia and for you, their caregiver