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It’s common for family members to worry that they may be giving up on their loved one by considering hospice care. But hospice is not about giving up. It’s about living the way you want and focusing on comfort and quality when a cure is no longer likely. Hospice often becomes a choice when you or a loved one is seeking relief from frequent emergency room visits or are physically or emotionally tired of challenging treatment that has no positive impact on life expectancy or quality. Hospice makes sense when your focus turns from seeking a cure to seeking quality of days for the time that remains. It’s important to realize hospice is not just for the last days of life. In fact, hospice works best when chosen earlier allowing you and your family to gain the extra layer of care hospice brings sooner.

So how do you know when it’s time for hospice? Here are some examples of when your loved one would benefit from our care.

  • Your mom has been living with COPD but symptoms are worsening and you’re spending more and more nights with her in the ER.
  • Your loved one has dementia and you’re beyond the limits of what you can handle as their caregiver.
  • Your doctor explains the next round of chemotherapy is unlikely to help, and you’re tried of how it makes you feel.
  • Your dad has been readmitted to the hospital several times for CHF and he is becoming more depressed and anxious.
  • Your sister is on dialysis for chronic kidney disease and she wants to make the transition from medical care to end of life care.
  • Your brother is living with ALS and his mobility and ability to communicate is decreasing.

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